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What if making critical decisions for your farming operation was as easy as submitting your data?

Computed in the Cloud

Your data is calculated accurately and returned rapidly so you can make informed decisions about your farming operation in a timely manner.

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Our simple form takes minimal time to fill out because we extract info from your submitted data.

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Our simple file management tools allow for easy submission of your data.

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Your data can be downloaded in 24 hours or less!

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Submit your harvest data and we’ll do the rest.

Cutting Edge Data Visualizations.

Our maps and graphs help you understand your farm like never before!

Incredible Detail

Our mapping methodology depicts details that are otherwise challenging to detect.  Subscription gives you access to a multitude of map and report types.

Standard Keys

The key is based on expected yields for each crop, not a range based on individual field performance.  This means you can tell at a glance if your crop was on target.

Profitability Indices

Measurements of standard inputs help determine the break even point for your field.  Our subscription version gives you complete control of these settings.


Data types


Core Features

Manufacturer Independent

Our system works with all the major manufacturers from AgLeader to Precision Planting, we’ve got you covered.

Unbiased Reports

You can trust that our reports will be unbiased and are directed toward driving profitability for our valued clients: YOU.

Cross Compatible

Because we analyze data from many sources, we have created a proprietary comparison method for comparing data from a variety of sources and manufacturers

Rapid Cloud Transfer

Our direct data transfer and file management system works from computer installations but we also have an Android app for data synchronization to compatible phones and tablets!*